How To Boost Sales On Merch By Amazon?

How To Boost Sales On Merch By Amazon?

When you have Amazon Merch account and your T-shirts are ready, but you are not getting any sales that can be annoying. So how can I promote my Merch t-shirts? There are lots of methods through which you can promote your work but some end up in zero sales. If you are one of those, who think banner ads and Amazon ads will work, then please be creative.
These are old methods, and you have to use other means to promote your sales. Let’s be creative. I am going to tell you my methods which helped me a lot.

Boost sales on merch by amazon

Merch By Amazon Advertising Through AMS

Amazon announced AMS on August 29, 2018, for promoting the sales of Merch T-shirts. This option is not free, but if you do it in the right method, you can make a nice profile. This option is not opened to everyone for the first time but doesn’t worry you can see the option later. How to register for AMS option? Below is my method through which you can have a simple overview.

1-Get your unique code from the Merch dashboard.
2-Open the Amazon Advertising page and click “Get started button.”
3-Request for the invitation.
4-Sign in with your Amazon account and request the application process.
5-Complete the request form and paste the unique code which was on Step 1.
6-They will ask you to verify the ads, and you will be done for the AMS process.
AMS service is exciting but if you don’t know about that then don’t try it. First, do research, ask other friends do they have tried it. Because here it’s about promoting your sales by spending less money.

Amazon Merch Facebook Ads

The biggest mistakes I see on Facebook is that people share those things which are already got out of trend. They try to sponsor those things which can last for just a week or two weeks. If you want to promote your shirts, then you must try something different.

Amazon merch facebook ads
Don’t get afraid of spending 10-20 dollars because they are worth it. You must have at least a different idea to promote your sales because no one will see copyright content. First, try to make something different which can be a trend for a month and after that promote through facebook ads.
What if I can join groups? Yes, you can also promote through different groups because that’s the best method. You can make your facebook page and share the link in different groups.

How To Sell T-shirts On Pinterest

If you are looking to promote something, then Pinterest can be the best option for you. Pinterest has more active users than other platforms, and you can get all the promotion which you are looking for.
If you are ready to promote your Amazon Merch T-shirt then this platform is best for you. You can Pin your T-shirt and people will follow your website. If you want that your shirt must look different from others then focus more on the mockup.

Did you know that 93% of people say that they use Pinterest to buy things? So that can be the best option for you to get them to your website.

I can give you a tip that tries to target Women Shirts because 50-60% are Women who are using this platform in the US for shopping. You now have the best-boosting network go ready your T-Shirts now.

Sell T-shirts On Instagram

Instagram is among the fastest promoting networks which you can use to promote your products. They have almost 500 million active users. Which means it’s above twitter and Linkedin.
If you want to promote your product, make sure to add Campaign URL. In this way you can attract more users to your website. Use the relevant hashtag to get started.

Sell t shirts on InstagramOn the other hand, it’s really easy to promote your Merch By Amazon T-shirt if you have a huge list of followers.
Many peoples use Instagram to search for inspirational things So add more quotes to your shirts to attract users.
I would prefer you to use the image where someone is wearing your T-Shirt rather than using Amazon images. While promoting your products make sure to have a friendly conversation with your customers.
You can message those people who follow you so that they can check your latest updates.

Sell T-shirts On Reddit

When it comes to promoting something on forums, then Reddit can be your best option. You need to gain bonus points which mean you can show you are not promoting something.
The most difficult thing which I have found using Reddit is its rules. Every community has its own rules and you have to follow each of them. Try to comment on the different posts to engage with other subreddits. You can also post your shirts in those subreddits ask them to see your post and give positive or negative feedbacks.

You must be wondering why I asked for negative feedbacks because in this way you can improve your design and can have a good conversation. Remember to check the rules of each community there because you will be blocked if you don’t follow the rules.

Sell T-shirts On Twitch

If you are a live streamer, then Twitch can be the best option for you. All you have to do is upload the video with your shirts but remember to create something creative. The reason is that most people there are picky so they won’t see your video if it’s useless.

Sell t shirts on twitch
You have to understand the twitch culture to make a good video. But believe me, there is no better place than promoting your videos and Merch T-shirts on Twitch. You can also interact with a live audience.


All these methods are useful if you try them. Because making shirts and promoting on just Amazon will not help you to get the sales you must be really creative and social enough to get more people.
In case if you can’t try on these platforms try to promote them one by one. You can target one social platform to make followers there and promote your shirt.

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