How to get success on Merch By Amazon

how to get success on merch by amazonHow to get success on Merch By Amazon:

In this article, we will guide you fully that how to get success on Merch By Amazon? It’s a big sea of shirt designs. If you want to make money and to get success on Amazon Merch then you have to first understand its algorithm. Amazon always rank the shirt whose design quality is good and keyword should be low competition. Whenever someone buy the shirt and give 5 star reviews then amazon increases the bsr (best shirt seller rank) value of shirt. When BSR increases then shirt rank also increases. Hence the shirt goes viral and it comes on first page. I have briefed you shortly about its algorithm. So now i am going to tell you the method that how you should research for your design.

Step By Step Guide For Getting Success On Merch By Amazon :

First of all, install the bsr chrome extension in Google Chrome. DS Amazon Quick View It will show you bsr value of each design.

Open the

Go to Filter

Select Department “novelty”

Sort by “featured”

Seller “”

After filtering these options, you will be able to view only merch by amazon designs.

Now you can type any niche in search bar.

Amazon will suggest you auto keywords. Now you have to use your common sense that which keywords are low competition by investigating their bsr valuyour

The design, you will find having no bsr value its mean that it has zero sale. Bsr value lower than 100K means 2–3 sales are going on daily basis.

Similarly BSR value 100K-200k means 1 sale on daily basis.

You have to find low competition designs having bsr value 100k-500k. One more thing, you have to consider in mind that your researched niche should be lower than 10 pages.

After researching text, find experienced t-shirt designer for quality designs.

There are following sites through which you can find t-shirt designers:

Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs

Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace

Or you can visit Merch By Amazon Pre-Made Designs

Tee-Designs has made site for merch by amazon sellers. Now, no need to hire a designer. Save your time by choose design accounting to your own wish.
Note: All designs are unique and trademark free. Let me clear your query that each design is being sold to only one person.Moreover, all designs are researched between 100k-500k BSR.

I have written this article to give you boost in sales. Pardon my typos in grammer because its not my native language 🙂 Kindly upvote this article for appreciation.

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