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Are you looking for Merch designer? First, if you have some questions related to Merch design, then I am here to explain all it to you in comment section.

Merch-designerIf you need ready made or custom t-shirt designs for your merch by amazon account while you are busy and can’t waste time in research and finding a designer, you can visit our SHOP page: Tee-Designs

Our all designs are low competition ,unique and trademark free. Each design is sold to only one person. When you will purchase any design, it will be automatically removed from our SHOP page. We follow all instructions as i have explained below:

Merch by Amazon Is basically on demand t-shirt service. This service is provided by Amazon which allows to you create and list different T-shirts on Amazon. Well, most of you have remembered how shirts used to sell on different platforms, and you have to wait for many days to see if shirts are selling or not.

Now you don’t have to worry about that because the shirt which you will select you have to pay for it. Just upload the design, set a specific picture and colour, Amazon will do rest. The quality depends on the amount you select for a particular shirt.  

How to get started with Merch by Amazon?

Do you want to design a shirt for Merch by Amazon? I will guide you step by step that how can you become a good Merch designer. If you are a beginner, then follow these steps.


This T-shirt brand had become so popular when it was first launched. While this process started, hundreds of members were looking after this how it works. So Amazon started a waiting list which can be shown to you after you do signup.

This waiting list can be between 3 weeks or 3 months. The best process is to sign up and explore knowledge regarding this as Amazon sell your design as a product, so you have to gain more experience regarding this.

Once Amazon approves you, you can log in to your account. Before you start the process, you have to fill some details regarding your information.



If you are worried about what things you must be needed to start work then below is your answer.  

  • First, you must need a Merch account by Amazon.
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Let me be honest; you must be creative enough to design attractive designs.

All these things will be the basic requirements when you start your work. In case if you are copying the design from other your account will be terminated by Amazon. So be aware of these things.


STEP3: Make A Gameplan

Before you start your work, you need a plan to pass through it. Making accounts and starting work wouldn’t help you until you don’t have an idea. Like I said before you can create your accounts but how would you target the audience? That can be challenging until you don’t have the right plan.

Following are my tips which you should follow to get a better knowledge of what I am saying.

  • Target the audience. Your audience is the key to your success so target them as much you can.
  • You must have conventional designs on shirts. You can add both images and quotes.
  • In case if you are worried about how you will get the idea? You can explore many images on Google, or you can follow other Amazon t-shirts to get an idea. But don’t copy them. Be creative enough to design them.
  • You must know Photoshop. The better is your design, the better you can get orders.

STEP 4: Recognizing Merch T-Shirts

Before you hire a merch designer or design your Merch shirts, you must know how these shirts look like. You can see Merch Listing on Amazon to get better knowledge.

Once you have got the idea, you can check the BSR which is the best-selling rank of different shirts.

The tool which I used was Merch Research because it gives an accurate reading of how a shirt looks like and what are their sales. All Merch shirts have two things in common first the Sizing chart and second a visible white tag.


STEP 5: Understand Amazon Best Seller Ranks

Like I have mentioned above that you have to understand the best-selling rank of different shirts. You can do it easily by following these steps.

  • First search for a Merch Shirt.
  • After that click into the list and scroll to the product description.
  • If you can’t find the ranking, it means 0 t-shirts are sold.
  • You can use these rankings to design the perfect design for your T-shirt.


STEP 6: Check Your Competition

Let’s say you have found a competition. After that, you entered into Amazon and checked around 264 lists of Amazon shirts. Now your question is Would this is the shirt I am looking for? Then it’s a no because you can’t decide your target from a single T-shirt. You have to search more to get a better result.

Two things which you have to keep in your Mind one is Competition and Other is optimisation. It doesn’t matter how amazing is your design you have to fight with 264 sellers to stand in the competition.

Things you should keep in mind while you are competing for others.

  • Don’t copy their design.
  • If you have target one shirt, search about it.
  • Select different categories for your shirt.


STEP 7: Promo Codes

If you want to attract users to buy your t-shirt, you can have promo codes on your designs. Which means you can give them t-shirts on sales. Amazon every year provides a massive deal on Black Friday. So I would suggest you make lots of T-Shirt during that event so that your shirts can have high sales.  

If you want to create your T-shirt below is my proper guide for you.


Creating Your First T-Shirt

Are you ready to design your T-Shirt? Follow simple steps to get started. Don’t feel bad if you can’t design good shirts for the first time because the first experiments can be bad.



You need something where you can design your shirts. Photoshop can be the best option for you. You can set the dimension and sizes as well.

  • Download the T-shirt Template from Photoshop.
  • Delete the image layer.
  • Add vectors or quotes on the shirt. It’s your choice whether to add design or quotes on the shirt.
  • You can also add PNG images if you want but remember you should make that image.

Merch Research Tools

There is so many software which is available on the internet. Here are 4 top tools which you can find easily and can make your Merch T-shirt.


SpyAmz is best because it contains the largest Amazon T-shirts data. You can see millions of design and can make your choice according to it. Rather than that it also shows different things related to selling which includes Bestseller rank, a sudden increase in ranking, Time range and many more.

Merch Informer

If you are serious in making a cool design for your t-shirt, then this option is best for you. You can get the latest design with guides to make cool shirts.

Merch Buddy

This tool is best for you because it gives you many options on how to design the shirt and also you can get the list of shirts related to that design.

Finding Vectors

One of the most complicated thing which you should face is defining vectors for your shirt. So if you want to design something really impressive you need to work on Vectors.


Be aware of copy right design. You have to visit different websites to search for the design. Copying someone else image will end up in shutdown of your account. So try to use your data.

How to get Merch T-shirt ideas?

You can use many different methods to find Merch ideas but below are my methods which I have tried lots of time. They are simple, and you can follow them easily.


You can use Amazon to search idea for you. Enter in different categories and search for the T-Shirts. You can browse different categories and search for shirts which have the highest ratings. See their ideas and make it similar to that.

View Seller Store

You can view different seller stores to see what they have made? In case you don’t want to visit Amazon you can check on various Facebook and Instagram pages to check the designs.

There are many other websites of brands where you can get the Idea. Even Brand Merch is also very famous these days. You can have different ideas from them and can design something creative.

Google Trends

Google trend is famous nowadays if you have any query you can search them on Google trends, and it will show you the possible results. Enter in Google trends and type Merch T-shirt design. You will get the options of most trending designs from which you can get the idea.

In case if you don’t have the idea to design a T-Shirt, you can hire a Merch Designer. Below is my proper guide
on how to find a good Merch Designer?

How to find a good Merch Designer?

I am sure like others you are facing the same problem how to find a good Merch Designer? You don’t have to worry about that I have a better solution for you. It’s okay if you are not a good merch designer and want to hire someone to make shirts for you. Also, you can ask the different designer about the ideas.


The best solution to find a good Merch designer is to check their reviews on different platforms. If they have good reviews and ratings, you can hire them. If still, you are not satisfied I would suggest you contact them and clear your doubts by chatting with them.

Below are my ways from where you can find a Good designer

1# Chat with Merch designer

Before you hire some designer the best way is to chat with the different designer to get the best idea of their work. Even you can ask them some questions about how they work and how they will manage the designs.

Be careful to chat with them as they sometimes can be mean if you use inappropriate words with them.

2# Select Designers From Different Websites

If you have a t-shirt design and can’t design it don’t worry. You can ask help from different sites.
99 designs
Where you can place your t-shirt design, and the designer will do the rest of the work.
Even if you don’t have the idea to design what you can ask from this website the designers will show you different categories and design to choose your favourite T-shirt. Remember quality depends on how much you are willing to pay.

3# Find A Freelancer From Sites

There are many websites where you can find a freelancer to design your t-shirts. But the most famous websites from them is Upwork, Freelancer and Guru. You can browse their sites and can see their ratings to check which one to hire.
All you have to do is search their website. Enter a T-shirt design in the search box, and you will get the results. Also if you want to search for cheap designers, you can check fiver as mostly price starts from $5.

4# Hire designer in Real life

You can ask your friend to design for you. How about starting it together? You can come with ideas, and your friend will do the design. In this way, you don’t need to hire someone else and to pay them.

If you are looking for a website, you can browse Meetup where you can search for many freelancers who are ready to design your shirts.


Merch T-Shirt has been the most popular among those who want to design a creative design for their shirts. You don’t have to spend lots of money on that because Amazon provides you free of cost. If you are creative and want to design something really impressive you can join this program.

I have explained all the difficulties which you can face during designing to hiring a Merch designer. If you want to get ideas, then I would say research is the key to success. Explore more ideas on the internet to understand the concept.

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