Merch By Amazon tips and tricks

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Merch By Amazon Tips And Tricks :


All of my fellows can get thousands of traffic through Pinterest. Because when a user searches images then Google makes a priority to show the images of Pinterest at the top. Hence it’s the best method to increase traffic.


Always use relevant designs in your slots. It’s also the main factor in the promotion of next tier. We have noticed, most people don’t value the occasions and they just fill their slots with irrelevant designs and hence they remain in the same tier for a long period.

Let’s suppose its now October then you can use December birthday designs, Christmas designs and AIDS day related designs e.t.c. Moreover, evergreen designs can be used in any season.


Never use opacity lower than 10% in your designs otherwise design will become dark or vanish during printing of shirt.


Best POD sites: Merch By Amazon, Redbubble, Teespring, Zazzle, Sunfrog


I you want to run a facebook ad compaign then its my suggestion never ever use merch by amazon, teespring or redbubble because they give a low royality on each sale and you can’t afford ads on these platforms. So it is advised that use SUNFROG POD platform for your facebook compaign. Its giving the highest royality with respect to any other POD platform.


Let me  tell you another Merch By Amazon trick that never compromise on the quality of your design. Because Merch By Amazon also don’t like fade or blurry images and they will reject your design. If in case they recommend you then at the end you will get negative review from your client’s side. Always upload high quality t-shirt designs.


I want to share my experience with newbies who are just recommended by Merch By Amazon and are in Tier 10. Here is the Merch By Amazon tip that always upload your first 10 designs related evergreen niches. Because newbies can’t afford Seasonal designs. Its not a guarantee that they make sale from seasonal designs and hence they have to replace with another design after particular season.

Never disclose these Merch By Amazon Tips with anyone 🙂

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