What is Merch By Amazon? Complete Merch By Amazon Review

merch by amazonWhat is Merch By Amazon?Complete Merch By Amazon Review:

In this Article, We are going to cover each and everything from start to end, how Merch By Amazon works and how much can you earn, how to design shirts etc.
What is Merch By Amazon:

Merch by Amazon is a POD (Print-On-Demand) Platform. Peoples can sell their T-Shirts/Popsockets/Hoodies on Amazon without any Investment. You Don’t have to store a bunch of Shirts to sell. Merch by Amazon only creates shirts when someone buys them and Merch By Amazon ships them directly to your customers.
How does Merch by Amazon Work?
You Don’t need to print a large number of shirts and store it. Just choose a Product Type, Upload Your Artwork and color, add a product description and set the price. Merch by Amazon will handle the Production, Customer Service and Shipping, at no cost to you.
Merch By Amazon Tiers:

After getting your account approved, you can go on Merch by Amazon dashboard, where you can see alots of options where you can manage your account. Those options are:
Submit new designs.
Edit existing designs.
View your sales.
Merch by Amazon has a tier system which shows you how much submissions you can create each day. It tells you how many designs you can upload at any time. The tiers are shown below:
In Tier 1 you have 10 designs live
In Tier 2 you have 25 designs live
In Tier 3 you have 100 designs live
In Tier 4 you have 500 designs live
In Tier 5 you have 1,000 designs live
In Tier 6 you have 2,000 designs live
Similarly with next Tier you will get more space.
At First, You’ll be at tier 1 which means you can only have 10 designs live. To move from tier 1 to tier 2, you have to sell at least 10 shirts so you can get to the next tier and you’ll be able to design 25 shirts and Merch By Amazon will allow you to submit 3 or 4 designs per day.
How Much Can You Earn With Merch by Amazon:

This is the most asking question, here is the example. Suppose you have 10 designs on Merch By Amazon and these designs are moderate in sale(50k-100k BSR), then you’ll probably only make $25-$50 per month. If you get 4,000 designs live you can get some of them in the top 20k BSR. Your earning will be approximately from $1k to $20k per month. Once your Shirts get start selling then you will see a bunch of competitors copying your designs. If you want them to stop, you have to launch more shirts, otherwise they will eat your sales.
So if you sell 1 shirt a day you’ll earn $52.33 a week, $220.09 a month, or $2618.16 a year. Not bad, for just selling 1 shirt a day.
Another Example: if you sell a shirt for $17.99. Then Merch By Amazon takes 15% of the cost as part of the listing fee plus $7.80 for the shirt and giving you a royalty of $5.19 per shirt that you sell. Merch by Amazon gives you roughly 36% of the total sale price of the shirt.
Merch By Amazon Commission Structure:

Merch by Amazon charges depends on your shirt whether you are printing on the front only or the front and the back both. Mostly there are t-shirts which are designed on the front only. For these types of t-shirts, we have a chart for you which shows you the commision.
Sale Price Commission Net Profit Margin:
$ 19.99 $ 14.61 $ 5.38 27%
$ 18.99 $ 14.36 $ 4.63 24%
$ 17.99 $ 14.12 $ 3.87 22%
$ 16.99 $ 13.88 $ 3.11 18%
$ 15.99 $ 13.63 $ 2.36 15%
$ 14.99 $ 13.39 $ 1.60 11%
$ 13.99 $ 13.14 $ 0.85 6%
$ 12.99 $ 12.90 $ 0.09 1%
Most people price their designs at $19.99 which nets you just over $5 per sale. A good strategy I’ve read about is to start at $14.99 and once you get a couple of sales you increase the price to $17.99 or $19.99.
How to Sell T-Shirts On Merch By Amazon:

At First, we will suggest you, request an invitation for the Merch by Amazon program. Doing this first, as it takes a little time and while youre waiting to get approved, you can start making your t-shirt designs. Design at least 5 shirts because you don’t know which shirt is going to sell.
Second Step is to upload your shirt design, once you get approved by Merch By Amazon.
The Third one is to set the price of your shirt, there are many different types of shirts with different price tags but at the very least we will suggest you to go with cheap price.
Last Fourth Step is to complete your product title and description then you have to submit your t-shirt design for approval.
Once your first shirt gets listed. Start working on the next shirt, you need at least 9 shirts to get listed and ones that sell, then you’ll get a ride of the rest.

How to Design Shirts:

The most used and best method of designing a shirt is by using Adobe Photoshop with a resolution of 4500x5400px. Merch By Amazon will give you the error if you do not set the resolution 4500x5400px and tell you to fix the dimensions of your shirt. You can also use Microsoft Paint to design your shirt just set the resolution of 4500 pixels wide and 5400 pixels tall with a transparent background.
But for those who don’t know how to design shirts, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. You can simply visit tee-designs.com and buy a shirt of your own choice. Each design is being sold to only one person. All designs are unique and trademark free.
Pros and Cons of Merch by Amazon:

Merch Pros: Once, you have listed your design on Merch By Amazon, you don’t have to do anything else. You design will get a bulk of traffic free of cost.
Merch Cons: The reason behind why many peoples are unhappy. Merch By Amazon will remove your design when it will not be sold within 90 days. Moreover, your account will also be terminated whenever you will not follow the policy of Merch By Amazon i.e: Trademark, Copyright, Nudity content e.t.c

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